Fiberglass Manhole Covers

VPC Fiberglass manhole covers and frames are traffic rated (road-ready). Fiberglass composite manhole cover, frame and locking covers. Standard, lockable cover, hinged, dome cover, custom fiberglass manhole covers, manhole covers with logos.

  • Standard Fiberglass Manhole Covers

    H-20 traffic rated fiberglass manhole cover and frames. The fiberglass covers and frames are secure and exceed AASHTO H-20 standards and meet EN 124 Class D400 requirements. The fiberglass manhole covers can be used on both pre-cast concrete and fiberglass manholes.

    Standard Fiberglass Manhole Covers
  • Hinged Lockable Fiberglass Manhole Covers

    Hinged Fiberglass Manhole Covers are a premium alternative to the heavy cast iron manhole frame and cover at an affordable cost. The hinged design of these units allow for quick and easy access to the manhole.

  • Manhole and Manhole Cover Accesories

    Traffic rated H-20 adapters which transitions the 48″ or 60″ diameter fiberglass manhole to accommodate the cast iron or fiberglass cover, frame and trim rings. The H-20 adapters meet all standards and requirements for normal traffic load. (Note: Cast iron frame, cover, trim rings not included)

    Manhole and Manhole Cover Accessories
  • Custom Fiberglass Manhole and Vault Covers

    Aqua Technology Group offers personalized and custom manhole covers to your exact specifications. From 1/8″ thick to 4″ Heavy Duty Manholes, we have you covered. Many of our custom manholes have been fabricated for industrial applications, treatment plants, businesses, residence, pools, bars, decks, universities, wastewater, stormwater, sewer systems, malls, outlet malls and shopping centers.

    In addition, we have made many promotional manhole covers for businesses, stores, schools, and government agencies. These custom promotional manhole covers are only 1/8″ thick and are covered in a custom vinyl graphic. You send us a digital image and we apply it onto the fiberglass to create the custom look you need.

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    Custom Manhole Covers, Personalized Manhole Covers
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