Troemner is a world leading manufacturer of precision calibration weights, high precision calibration services and the manufacture of laboratory equipment. Troemner offers both Standard and Certified Weights and Weight Sets. The Standard Weights and Weight Sets include: Stainless Steel Precision, Stainless Steel Electronic Balance Calibration Weights, Stainless Steel Heavy Capacity Weights, Stainless Steel Test Weights, Cast Iron Grip Handle Weights, Cast Iron Slotted Weights, Stainless Steel Slotted Weights, Stainless Steel Hook Weights, Economical Stainless Steel Weights, Custom Weights and Weight Accessories. The Certified Weights offer tolerances that include all ANSI/ASTM, NIST, OIML classes, F-Class (commercial). The weight materials include stainless steel, brass, aluminum, nichrome, cast iron, steel, gold, silver, titanium, and more. Troemner provides calibration services includes Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Dimensional, Pipette, Weight, Electrical, Time & Frequency, and Thermal Mass Flow. Troemner Laboratory Equipment includes: Overhead Stirrers and Mixers, Hotplates/Stirrers, Homogenizers, Clamps and Supports, Shakers, Vortex Mixers, Dry Block Heaters and Microplate Stability Chambers.

  • Calibration Weight Cases

  • Calibration Weights and Sets

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    Troemner has provided an extensive selection of calibration weights and standards since 1838. The Troemner family of weights are manufactured to meet or exceed the highest tolerance standards of NIST, ASTM, OIML and ISO 17025. Since 1995, Troemner’s labs have been accredited by NVLAP and UKAS and assures you that your calibration weights meet the highest quality standards in the world!

  • Homogenizers

  • Hotplates, Mixers and Stirrers

  • Lab Accessories

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