Analytical Instruments

Quality and Innovative Instruments. Nivelco pH Transmitters - AnaCONT LEP, ORP Transmitters - AnaCONT LER, DO Transmitters - AnaCONT LED, Conductivity Transmitters - AnaCONT LEK, Mini Conductivity Transmitters - AnaCONT LCK.

  • pH and ORP Transmitters

    AnaCONT LE pH and ORP transmitters to measure pH and redox potential values of liquids and aqueous solutions.

    AnaCONT LE pH and ORP Transmitters
  • Conductivity Transmitters

    AnaCONT LEK / LCK Conductivity Transmitters for measuring clean, non-crystallisable liquids in a wide range of industrial applications. Compact Conductivity Transmitters

    AnaCONT LEK AnaCONT LCK Conductivity Transmitters
  • Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters

    AnaCONT LED Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters. DO Transmitters. Compact Dissolved Oxygen (DO) transmitters. Integrated Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Transmitters.

    AnaCONT LED Dissolved Oxygen Transmitters, DO Meters
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