Chemical Test Kits

Hanna Instruments chemical test kits present a simple way to perform an accurate chemical analysis. The wide variety of single and multi parameter test kits include colorimetric, checker disc, titration and turbidimetric methods.

  • Single Parameter Test Kits

    Hanna Instruments Single Parameter Tesk Kits. Calcium, Dissolved Oxygen, Alkalinity, Hardness, Chloride, Carbon Dioxide, Acidity, Sulfite, Ammonia , Bromine, Free Chlorine , Total Chlorine , Iodine , Phosphate , Iron , Salinity , Formaldehyde , Hardness , Hypochlorite , Hydrogen Peroxide , Chromium , Copper , Hydrazine , Ascorbic Acid , Zinc , Cyanide , Detergents , Glycol , Phenols , Nitrite , Nitrate , Olive Oil Acidity , Ozone , Manganese, Phosphorus, Boron, Sodium Absorption Ratio, Magnesium.

    Single Parameter Test Kits
  • Multiparameter Test Kits

    Hanna Instruments Multiparameter Test Kits

    Multiparameter Test Kits
  • Chemical Test Kit Reagents

    Hanna Instruments Chemical Test Kit Reagents

    Chemical Test Kit Reagents
  • Chemical Test Kit Accessories

    Hanna Instruments Chemical Test Kit Accessories.Color Cubes, Carrying Cases, Dosing Spoons

    Chemical Test Kit Accessories
  • Environmental Science Test Kits

    Hanna Instruments Environmental Science Test Kits. Backpack Lab Kits for Water Quality, Backpack Lab Kits for Soil Quality and Backpack Lab Kits for Marine Science.

    Environmental Science Test Kits
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