Control Microsystems

Control Microsystems is a global supplier of automation products for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Control Microsystem's industry leading hardware and software lines include flexible and compact PLCs with RTU functionality, wireless instruments, gas flow computers, pump controllers, data radios, and SCADA host software for remote monitoring and control applications for water, wastewater, oil, gas, and electric utility sectors. See More Control Microsystems and Schneider Electric Parts in our Catalog See All Control Microsystems and Schneider Electric RTUs

  • ClearSCADA Enterprise SCADA Software

    ClearSCADA is an integrated SCADA host platform that includes a polling engine, real-time database, historian, web server, alarm redirection for text messaging and email, and reporting package. As an integrated software, customers will experience reduced license costs and configuration effort. The development environment is object based so templates can be built for plant devices and/or sites and instances of these template(s) can be created for deployment. This methodology also reduces engineering effort (up to 90% over traditional HMI/SCADA) and ensures standardization for operations. ClearSCADA will deliver a reduction in your total cost of ownership (TCO) for your HMI/SCADA application.

  • FlowStation110 - Out of the Box Pump Controller

    The FlowStation is an out-of-the-box Pump Controller designed for waste and storm water lift stations, booster stations and common pump-up applications. With its built-in web server and user-friendly configuration interface, the FlowStation can be set up locally by field technicians or remotely by system engineers, and as such is ideal for stand-alone installations or as part of a greater SCADA network. Features comprehensive event and alarm logging, remote notification of alarms via email or SMS messaging, smartphone interface, wireless communication, and touch-screen options.

    FlowStation 110 Out of the Box Pump Controller
  • PLCs-RTUs

    The SCADAPack® Series of compact Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) provides Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) functions for use in SCADA and telemetry applications. SCADAPack controllers are programmable in a variety of programming environments, including Relay Ladder Logic, IEC 61131-3, and multitasking C/C++. The products also provide an unlimited number of PID controllers for feedback control and can be easily expanded for larger I/O counts. Real-time communications using industry-standard Modbus® and DNP3 protocols simplifies integration with SCADA software, MMIs, DCS systems, and intelligent instrumentation. Everything necessary for remote monitoring and control applications is provided.

    SCADAPack 32
  • SCADAPack E Series Controllers

    SCADAPack E Series Controllers provide the power of DNP3 and IEC 60870-5 on a scalable platform. Whether your application requires an RTU with PLC programmability or the added power and performance of a PLC, there is an E controller to meet your requirements with Native DNP3 and IEC 60870-5, Scalable hardware, AGA12-2 Message encryption, Modbus, DF1, and Dual IEC 61131-3 Applications.

  • Accutech Wireless Instrumentation

    The Accutech Wireless Instrumentation line provides cost-effective and easy to install alternatives to traditional, hardwired sensor sites. These rugged field units are designed for the majority of industrial applications and for installations ranging from the plant floor to remote installations with extreme temperature and humidity ranges. All Accutech products offer Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Area Rating (Class 1, Div 1 on select models) and an industry leading 3 year warranty.

    Accutech Wireless Instruments
  • Trio Data Radios

    The Trio series of state-of-the-art digital serial and Ethernet data radios offers ease-of-use, flexibility, and advanced performance features. With tough environmental specifications and support for industry-standard protocols DNP3, MODBUS, and IEC 60870-5-101, Trio radios are designed for use in the most demanding of SCADA environments. All Trio products are Class I, Div 2-compliant and are backed by an industry-leading 3 year warranty.

    Download (Trio-Data-Radios-Brochure.pdf, PDF, 1.27MB)

    Trio Data Radios
  • SCADAPack Gas FLow Computers and Transmitters

    The SCADAPack Transmitter sensor-based product line includes Gas Flow Computers with highly integrated PLCs, Modbus multivariable transmitters with integrated sensor technology, Modbus pressure transmitters, and products specifically designed for solar-powered installations, all based on rugged, proven platforms. These popular products are known throughout the industry for their reliability, performance and value.

    SOLARPack Solar Powered Gas Flow Computer
  • SCADAPack ProductionPlus

    SCADAPack ProductionPlus is an integrated hardware and software solution that increases safety, improves environmental compliance and extends the life cycle of the gas well. Designed with extensive input from end users and gas operators, ProductionPlus leverages the power of our SCADAPack 4203 Gas Flow Computer and SCADAPack line of RTUs/controllers to offer a highly distributed and scalable gas well automation solution.

    SCADAPack ProductionPLUS
  • I/O Expansion Modules

    The SCADAPack Series of controllers are powerful standalone controllers. But they are also expandable through the Control Microsystems 5000 Series of I/O Expansion and Communication modules. Starting with as few as 11 process I/O points, any SCADAPack controller (except SCADAPack 100) can be expanded to over 700 process I/O points, using up to twenty 5000 Series I/O Expansion modules.

  • Vision Operator Interface Terminals

    The SCADAPack Vision family of operator interface terminals are multi-purpose devices that provide local display of controller process variables and operator-input of any control parameter. Two models are available, the SCADAPack Vision10 and SCADAPack Vision60, each offering varying LCD size, keypad and screen memory configurations. A companion software application furnishes all the necessary tools for easily configuring the units

    Vision Operator Interface Terminals
  • Software Tools

    Telepace Studio – Relay Ladder Logic, IEC 61131-3, Multitasking C and C++, SCADALog, SCADAServer OPC Server, Realflo custody transfer gas flow measurement software, Modbus, DNP3, Ethernet

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