Cerus Industrial

Cerus Industrial offers HVAC Starters, VFDs, Variable Frequency Drives, HOA starters, Pump Controls, HVAC Controls, Smart Starters for smart buildings and green buildings, BAS building automation starters, energy management starters, single phase starters, EMS starters, SAS starter, ISS Industrial start stop controls, Duplex Pump panels, IAS Industrial Automation Starter, Submersible Pump Controls, HVAC Fan Starters, HVAC pump starters, cooling tower control panels, smart motor controls, MIRA contactors, circuit breakers, electronic overloads, kitchen hood control panels, kwh power monitoring, BACnet starters, LEED, measurement and verification, green building controls, current sensors, electronic motor protection, ground fault protection, over voltage under voltage protection, pressure and differential pressure transmitters.

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

    P-drives – VFDs optimized for fans and pumps, GS-drives – Compact VFD, Enclosed VFD’s, VFD Bypasses, NEMA 1 VFD, NEMA 4X VFD, NEMA 4/12 VFD, Sensorless vector control

    Cerus Variable Frequency Drives - VFDs
  • VFD Bypasses

    Cerus bypasses are offered in NEMA 1, NEMA 4X, NEMA 4/12. Cerus VFD Bypasses packages are factory built.

  • VFD Enclosed Packages

    P-Series Enclosed VFD Packages, GS-Series Enclosed VFD Packages, UL Type 1 w/ Disconnect VFD, UL Type 3R Enclosed VFD Packages, UL Type 12 Enclosed VFD Packages

  • Soft Starters

    Heavy duty soft starters suitable for industrial and pump applications. Economy Soft Starters, Reduced Voltage Analog Soft Starters, Reduced Voltage Digital Soft Starters. Soft Starters with Integrated Bypass, Standard Chassis, Reversing Chassis, Standard Enclosed UL Type 1, Reversing Enclosed UL Type 1, Standard Enclosed UL Type 12

  • Pump Starters

    Intelligent Pump Starters (IPS), Standard Pump Starter (SPS), Economy Pump Starter (EPS), Advanced Duplex Pump Controller (APX), Duplex Pump Controller (DPX), Part Winding Starters (PWS)

  • Industrial Starters

    ISS Starters, Explosion Proof Starters, Metal Economy Starters, Plastic Economy Starters, Enclosed Manual Motor Starters, Cerus offers a wide range of starters with long life contractors – industry leading ratings to 25 million mechanical cycles

  • Manual Motor Starters

    Manual Motor Starters – Frame sizes from 32 to 100A anps, Standard Break, High Break, Magnetic Trip Only, Accessories, Enclosed Manual Motor Starters

  • HVAC Starters

    Pump Automation Starters (PAS), Energy Management Starters (EMS), Building Automation Starters (BAS), Standard Automation Starters (SAS), Kitchen Hood Controls (KHC),

  • Cooling Tower Controls

    All inclusive single point cooling tower control. Scalable options to meet any application, 230V, 460V, Control & Panel Options, Basin Heater Options, Spray Pump Options

  • Contactors, Overload Relays

    Mira Series, 3 Pole AC, 3 Pole DC, Thermal Overload Relays, Electronic Overload Relays, Digital Motor Protection Relays, Mira Accessories & Replacement Parts. Mini Contactor Series – 3 Pole AC, 3 Pole DC, Mini Contactor Relays

    Cerus Industrial Contactors, Overloads, Relays
  • Circuit Breakers

    Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Low voltage circuit breakers, UL 489 Mira MCCB, TD/TS Series Circuit Breakers, Extension Handles, Interlocks, Accessories – Alarm Switch, Auxiliary Switch, Undervoltage Trip, Shunt Trip

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