Nivelco is the process instrumentation expert for industrial and municipal control. Nivelco pressure solutions include gauge and hydrostatic pressure. Flow solutions include: Open Channel and Ultrasonic. Level transmitters include: Non-contact Microwave, Guided Microwave, Radar, Ultrasonic Compact, Ultrasonic Integrated, Capacitive, Magnetostrictive, Hydrostatic Level and Bypass liquid level indicator. Level Switches include: Float, Conductive, Magnetic Coupling, Magnetic Tracking, Vibrating and Rotary Paddle. Display products include loop indicators, loop controllers and programmers. Temperature products include: Thermometers, Temperature sensors, Multipoint temperature transmitters. Sensors include: Current Controlled Switch, Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor, Interface Modules and Power Supplies. Process Analyzers include: pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Conductivity. HART products include: HART modems and field communication networks, HART devices multi-controllers.

  • Accessories

    Nivelco Instrument Accessories, Electronic Accessories, Flanges for Ultrasonic Level Transmitters, Flanges for Ultrasonic Devices, DIN flanges, RF ANSI flanges, JIS flanges, 1″ BSP process connection, 2″ BSP process connection, 2″ NPT process connection, 1 1/2″ BSP process connection, 1 1/2″ NPT process connection

    Instrument Accessories, Ultrasonic Transmitter Flanges
  • Analytical Instruments

    Quality and Innovative Instruments. Nivelco pH Transmitters – AnaCONT LEP, ORP Transmitters – AnaCONT LER, DO Transmitters – AnaCONT LED, Conductivity Transmitters – AnaCONT LEK, Mini Conductivity Transmitters – AnaCONT LCK.

    Liquid Analytical Instruments
  • Level Switches

    Quality Level Switches from Nivelco Instrumentation. Rotary Paddle Level Switches – NIVOROTA E, Conductivity Level Switches – NIVOCONT K, Magnetic Float Level Switches – NIVOMAG M, Multi-Point Magnetic Float Level Switches NIVOPOINT M, Plastic Float Level Switches – NIVOFLOAT N, Vibrating Rod Level Switches – NIVOCONT R, Vibrating Fork Level Switches – NIVOSWITCH R

    Level Switches
  • Level Transmitters

    Nivelco Instruments reliable and versatile level transmitters for water, wastewater and process. Integrated compact ultrasonic level transmitters – EasyTREK S, Compact ultrasonic level transmitters – EchoTREK S, FMCW radar level transmitters – PiloTREK A, Universal remote control units – MULTICONT P, TDR level transmitters – MicroTREK H, Capacitance level transmitters – NIVOCAP C, Hydrostatic level and pressure transmitters – NIVOPRESS D, Hydrostatic level and pressure transmitters – NIVOPRESS N, Liquid bypass level indicator – NIVOFLIP ML, Magnetostrictive level transmitters – NIVOTRACK MT,

    Nivelco PiloTREK Non Contact Microwave Level Transmitters
  • Open Channel Flow

    Nivelco Open Channel Flow Meters. Reliable measurements with ultrasonic level transmitters. Parshall Flumes

    Parshall Flume - Open Channel Flow Meter
  • Pressure Transmitters

    Nivelco Pressure Transmitters – NIPRESS D, Tank Pressure Transmitter, Pipeline Pressure Transmitters, Pressurized Vessels Pressure Transmitters

    NIPRESS D Pressure Transmitters
  • Process Control Components

    Nivelco Process Control Components. Multichannel Process Controllers – MULTICONT, Loop Indicators – UNICONT PDF, Current Switch – UNICONT PKK, Universal Interface Module – UNICONT PJK, Ultrasonic Pump Control System – UNICONT PSW, Power Supply Modules – NIPOWER, Time Delay Relay – NITIME, HART Modems – UNICOMM

    Nivelco Process Control Components
  • Temperature Measurement

    Nivelco Temperature Sensors, Temperature Transmitters – THERMOCONT TT, Multipoint Temperature Transmitters – THERMOPOINT TM, Temperature Universal Controller, Temperature Indicators, THERMOCONT T Thermowells, Temperature Sensors

    Temperature Meters - Multipoint, Sensors, Transmitters, Controllers
  • Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

    Nivelco Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors – MICROSONAR. Non-contacting type sensors. Analog or Switch Configurations, Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors, Ultrasonic Proximity Switches

    Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor - Proximity Switch, Proximity Sensor
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